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Short guide for Adding a new Blog Post

Adam Dennett


March 25, 2024

Adding a new blog post is fairly easy.

  1. Clone this whole github repo onto your machine - but create a new branch so you don’t mess up the main branch. I may need to do something on github to add you as a user.
  2. Create a new folder in the posts directory
  3. Save a new index.qmd file in that folder
  4. Fill the new index.qmd file with whatever you want to blog about.
  5. in the yaml header at the top, include a few bits of info:

title: “Your title” description: “your description” author: “Your name” date: today (if you want to give your post today’s date draft: false (true will not post it, false will)

  1. If you want to include any images, add them into this folder too:

  1. Save your .qmd file. Commit and push it back up to github.
  2. Might need to then make a merge request to merge back into the main branch - which will then render to the world.